About Jeff Neil

How I Got Here (And How It's Relevant To You)

After graduating from college with a not-so-practical degree - and turning down an offer to attend Wake Forest School of Medicine (because I was academically burned out), I had NO idea what I was going to do with my life.

A well-intended family friend introduced me to an acquaintance who was looking to hire a medical sales rep. So I schlepped a sales bag full of catalogs, kissed up to receptionists, pretended the rejection didn’t bother me.

Truth is, I was working in a job that I wasn't good at and had no real interest in.

I scurried through that career maze long enough to realize there wasn't any personal and professional satisfaction to be found there. No matter how hard I tried.

It eventually exhausted me, and I looked for my escape.

How did Career Chapter 2 read? 

Better. Much better.

With some wise help from a career mentor, I busted out of that initial hamster wheel with a better understanding of myself and a clearer view of the work world.

I made a strategic and thoughtful pivot to business and, over time, I grew my career in business operations management - a role that neatly fit my passion, skills, interests, and motivations. For many years, I genuinely loved my work.

What does Chapter 3 look like? 

My life changed abruptly with the birth of two sons within 15 months. I quickly realized I no longer wanted to work 60 hour weeks, and it was time to make a career pivot that would give me a better work-life balance and the opportunity to have more impact in a way I increasingly valued - working directly with people to support their success.

For me, I found my calling as a career coach who helps people land the best jobs they have ever had. It's the perfect role for me and the culmination of decades of personal and career challenges and growth.

I completed my coach training at The Coaches Training Institute, which is widely recognized as a top coaching school in the US and accredited by the International Coaching Federation. But my most valuable education and training come from having personally worked with more than 7,000+ clients since launching my career coaching business in 2004.

Personal Interests

I'm in a decades-long relationship with the most thoughtful woman I've ever met. She's also a great travel partner :)

I'm the passionate father of two terrific boys. We play tennis a few times a week, have Saturday board game and movie nights, check schoolwork, and occasionally discuss their career goals... lol.

Life Lessons

Of course, not everything I've done in life has worked out the way I wanted. 

I've successfully navigated through several very tough times in my life - some self-inflicted and some thrusted on me out of the blue.

These "School of Hard Knocks" lessons have taught me the value of a good action plan and persistence, and they helped me get clear on what's important to me in life.

They've also helped me become an empathetic career coach who can guide people get through challenging career transitions so they achieve the personal and professional success they want.

It’s hugely gratifying to watch my clients gain career clarity and make their career transition, and to be able to positively impact so many people’s careers and lives.

How Can I Help You Achieve Your Career Goals?

Unfortunately, many people don’t get to Chapter 2 or 3 in their careers. They get stuck in a series of career mazes and hamster wheels.

But that's not how your work story has to end. 

One thing I've learned for certain over the years is that with the right insight, planning and support... it's possible to make big career changes that fill our lives with more purpose, fun, satisfaction and success. 

I've done it, and I've helped my coaching clients do it. 

And I hope you'll consider hiring me as your career coach to help you do it too.  

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